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HBW 021: Zenovia Andrews on Finding Success When the Odds are Stacked Against You

Today’s guest is Zenovia Andrews. She’s the founder of The Max Out Group, a company that focuses on connecting with like-minded super heroic female entrepreneurs to encourage them to live a life that’s “maxed out”. Living her life’s passion didn’t come easy for Zenovia and today she dedicates her life to fulfilling her purpose of encouraging women not to settle for mediocrity. After overcoming many obstacles, Zenovia found success with the odds stacked against her. As she shares her inspiring story, it’s clear that success requires sacrifice, determination, and hard work. Zenovia’s conversation with Rosetta is filled with actionable tips that can help you max out your life.

#Maxing out your life when the #odds are stacked against you, on this episode
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The road to success started out bumpy, but Zenovia persevered.

Zenovia Andrews came from humble beginnings. She experienced abandonment and loss, giving her the motivation to pursue the best life. Though she was deeply loved as a child, she had to go without many things others take for granted. Through this, she found the determination to strive for more, work hard, and achieve her dreams. After spending 12 years working for major pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Zenovia realized she was settling for mediocrity and that there were bigger things in store for her. And so, The Max Out Group was born. Zenovia has built hugely successful businesses through many years of hard work and sacrifice. She shares with us why it’s so important to understand sacrifice as you work towards creating your best life.

Action steps to help you pave the way for success.

It may seem overwhelming at times to think of the steps it takes to truly build success. According to Zenovia, it’s all about vision. As she shares her action steps to help you get started, it’s clear she has tremendous passion and purpose. Goals, she says, are the key to maintaining momentum – especially when it seems impossible. Zenovia allows provides insight into the evolution of her dreams and her purpose, evoking a feeling of hope and determination that it truly is possible for anyone willing to work hard.

Be clear about your business #purpose, your #niche, and the problems that you solve ~ Zenovia…
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Why Zenovia believes hard work pays off.

Zenovia delves into the steps to success in her journey; finding herself at the head of 2 multi-million dollar companies, with financial security and purpose. Success doesn’t come easy. She gives us an idea of her typical day, which is filled with long hours, hard work, and passion for helping others. According to Zenovia, it’s essential that you have clarity about your purpose, your niche, and the relevancy of what you do in order to find success. As she saw her purpose evolve, she maintained a strong focus on her goals in order to maintain the momentum she needed to max out her life.

Winning on your level is the secret to Zenovia’s success.

As Zenovia’s chat with Rosetta comes to a close, she shares her go-to books, personal mantra, and a little more inspiration to propel fellow-entrepreneurs into action. Her motivation and determination are sure to inspire. From humble beginnings to tremendous success, Zenovia maintains a focus on what truly matters to her and keeps her momentum strong in order to continue to crush every goal she sets. Listen in to find out about her very special gift offer to Happy Black Woman listeners. Rosetta’s discussion with Zenovia Andrews is one you don’t want to miss.

It’s about #winning on your level; not someone else’s ~ Zenovia Andrews
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:41] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Zenovia Andrews.
  • [1:51] How Rosetta met Zenovia.
  • [2:22] Zenovia’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [3:54] What inspired Zenovia to create The Max Out Group and do this work as a calling.
  • [8:00] How Zenovia persevered in spite of having the odds stacked against her.
  • [8:36] Some action steps that support Zenovia’s maxed out lifestyle.
  • [12:33] Tips on how to get started and gain momentum?
  • [15:04] What does a typical day look like for you?
  • [20:24] Zenovia explains the sacrifices that must be made on your path to success.
  • [22:13] How Zenovia fits in quality time with her husband and family in her busy week.
  • [25:14] A favorite book that inspired Zenovia along her journey.
  • [26:47] Do you have a personal mantra or quote you live by?
  • [28:10] A tip for women who want to create their own business.
  • [30:11] How you can connect with Zenovia Andrews.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About Zenovia Andrews

Zenovia Andrews, acclaimed author, business systems strategist, speaker, and television and radio personality. Not to mention the CEO of The MaxOUT Group, a training and development company that educates entrepreneurs and business leaders on the processes that are sure warrants of profits, productivity, and success.

Zenovia has been dubbed “The Business Systems Strategist” and “The Queen of Systems” because of her unparalleled ability to empower not only people, but businesses also, to go from good to great in a very short period of time.

Zenovia’s innovative assessments and methodologies, will guarantee you bottom line results and success. She launched one of her companies and within seven months, she increased revenue from $165K to $2.4 million a year.

Together, she believes that she can help you dance on your dream stage of business success.

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