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HBW028: Donna Newman-Robinson: Helping Female Veterans Discover Their Passion & Purpose

Today’s guest is Donna Newman-Robinson, who has been a part of the Happy Black Woman tribe for about a year. Donna is a veteran who found her purpose through her own experience after leaving the military. Her mission is to help women veterans discover their passion and purpose through her website. Donna’s motto is simple: The next mission is you. After retiring from the military, Donna felt lost and confused about what to do next. She found her way and discovered her purpose through her own challenges. Today, she coaches fellow veterans through the transition process and helps them find their way in post-military life. In this chat with Rosetta, Donna shares some useful tips to help female veterans transition and understand the psychology of transition.

My motto is “The next #mission is you.” ~ Donna Newman-Robinson
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The importance of Donna’s mission and serving an underserved market.

Once Donna found her footing after retiring from the military, she was inspired to build a business around helping other women just like her. She serves her market with passion and purpose, knowing that female veterans are certainly an under-served market. Donna takes Rosetta through some action steps that can help women understand the process of transitioning. The most important thing, says Donna, is understanding the psychology of transitioning. Having a support system is also essential to finding your way after the military. Donna discusses the value of remembering what your dreams were before you went into the military. She also shares some challenges most women will face and how to overcome them.

How embracing your niche can help you succeed.

As Donna delves deeper into her mission, it’s clear that she has a well-defined niche. Staying true your niche helps you serve YOUR market, which is exactly what Donna does. From feeling alone to feeling overwhelmed, Donna is there to help female veterans through the entire transition process to ensure they are able to pave the way to a successful and happy future. A shift in mindset, shares Donna, is an integral component of transitioning into post-military life. She shares the challenges that come with taking off the uniform and adjusting to life. Her hope is that she can help women veterans avoid feeling lost and confused, like Donna did after she retired.

Why it’s important to find your #niche and serve your market with passion, on this episode
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The importance of community.

Donna shares the difficulty of adjusting to no longer having the strong sense of community that comes with being in the military. That’s why it’s so important to find a community to join after retiring. For Donna, this is a part of her daily routine after finding the Happy Black Woman community. She shares a bit more about her daily routine, making it clear that staying focused and organized helps her get through the day. Donna also discusses how she recharges and focuses on herself as part of her routine, as well as the importance of this for all of us.

Following your purpose and finding happiness.

As Rosetta closes her chat with Donna, they discuss a book that inspired Donna along her journey, “Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer. She also shares some personal mantras that help to keep her grounded and focused in her daily life. As an introvert, Donna finds it essential to find ways to fit in the things that are just for “her”, including reading and dancing. Throughout this conversation with Donna, you’ll find inspiration, passion, and a clear sense of purpose. The work Donna does is important and her passion for it is clear. Her final tip for the HBW community: don’t be afraid to be different.

My mission is to help female #veterans discover their passion and purpose ~ Donna Newman-Robinson
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:38] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest,
  • [1:24] Donna’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:33] How she helps female veterans transition.
  • [4:45] The process of coaching female veterans who have just retired.
  • [6:47] Donna’s tips to help women mentally adjust to life after the military.
  • [8:35] Some steps women need to take as they figure out what’s next for them.
  • [10:20] Obstacles women may face as they transition out of the military.
  • [13:15] Donna explains her daily routine and how she stays focused.
  • [16:19] How Donna recharges.
  • [17:42] A book that has inspired Donna along her journey.
  • [19:46] Donna shares her personal mantra.
  • [22:55] Donna’s #1 tip for women who are ready to pursue their dreams.
  • [24:06] How you can connect with Donna.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Power Thoughts

Donna Newman-Robinson’s website:

About Donna Newman-Robinson

Donna Newman-Robinson is passionate about living her legacy every day. Now she lives to help other individuals do the same. After retiring from her stellar career of 20 years serving in the US Army, she is now seen as one of the go-to success coaches for women veterans that need assistance transitioning back to civilian life after years of serving in the armed forces.

Her counseling advice of helping people has improved their morale, teamwork, and communication skills. She has also helped people find out what really motivates them and then empower them to take life-changing action to make their dreams a reality.Donna has been able to take her own personal experience transitioning from military service as an US Army Nurse Corp Officer, to leading a successful career as a health care professional and business consultant. Her passion and her mission is to inform, educate and coach women veterans in their transition to civilian life. With her engaging and fun-loving personality, Donna connects with her audiences immediately and delivers resourceful information they can use to be successful in their journey to the next chapter of their lives.

Donna is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in transition. After working as a health care professional, Donna actively serves as a Mentor for the Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentorship Program as well as Vice President of Women Veterans Interactive-Atlanta Chapter. She also is an active member in several organizations including the Atlanta Business League, Army Nurse Corp Association, U.S. Women Chamber of Commerce, and the DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce.Donna is also a member of Who’s Who of Distinguished Alumni of Professionals and Executives. In 2013, Donna founded Life After Military Alliance (L.A.M.A) Resource Network LLC, a woman-owned, service disabled veteran owned management and consulting company specialized in healthcare management, corporate training and professional development.

Donna loves reading, dancing, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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The obstacles female veterans face when transitioning out of the military, on this episode
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