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HBW029: Kandice Shelton : A healthy fitness foundation starts with your mindset.

Today’s guest is Kandice Shelton. Kandice is a certified health and nutrition coach, and fitness instructor. Kandice is also the CEO and founder of Fitspiration10, a health and fitness lifestyle company. Through her company, Kandice helps women reach and maintain their ideal weight through fitness, nutrition, and accountability programs. Her plan includes ten key elements of healthy living to keep women balanced. She also partners with companies to offer similar programs for their employees, members, and stakeholders. This episode is all about Kandice’s victorious weight loss endeavor and how she turned that into a successful business. Listen in to this great conversation between Happy Black Women.

Hear from a health and fitness lifestyle coach, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Value your personal experience enough to realize others can benefit from it.

Kandice lost 60 pounds over the course of her weight loss journey. She was in Corporate America, attempting to balance her career with her personal life. Health took a backseat and she gained more and more weight. One day she stepped on the scale, and at 5’3’’ had hit 200 pounds. That was the moment she decided to take initiative to shift her mindset and begin a weight loss journey. Kandice embraced the process and fell in love with how healthy felt. Her passion, combined with a talent to coach, led Kandice to turn her passion into her business. She valued her story and success enough to realize others could benefit from it, too. Kandice’s fitness plan stems from the program she followed, and is available to you now on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

Bring your life into balance.

The focus of Kandice’s journey was not on weight loss. Instead, she focused on the idea of bringing her life back into balance. Weight loss was a goal, and the weight did come off, but she also created a lasting lifestyle change.  Kandice came up with ten key elements that summed up sustainable changes. Some elements are what you would expect with a weight loss program, like exercise, but also included on the list are mindset, sleep, and stress. On her website, Kandice offers a free guide of specific strategies to make a difference on your journey. If your expectation is to make a lasting lifestyle change, start with baby steps. Take your first step today by listening in to today’s episode.

How to get back on the bandwagon, with Kandice Shelton
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Your mindset is your foundation.

On this episode, Kandice offers action steps to start your journey. One thing she always tells her clients is to set a strong foundation. Yes, you have to exercise and eat right. But you build these things from a healthy foundation, which is your mindset. Learn how to become aware of the thoughts that come to your mind about your body and weight. How you think sets the tone for how you will act. Once you’ve addressed your mindset, put in place a system of accountability. We all need cheerleaders, but we also need that challenging voice to keep us on track. The last step is to prepare. You can easily plan for your own success by scheduling your workouts on your calendar. Kandice challenges you to take it a step further: lay out your workout clothes ahead of time, put your gym bag in the car, plan your meals. That extra step makes all the difference to success stories like Kandice’s.

Creating a storehouse of healthy habits.

Kandice’s business was born out of the process she went through to lose 60 pounds. Her everyday habits led to huge change. So, how does she do it? Kandice makes sure to get centered and grounded at the beginning of her day. She expends a lot of energy coaching fitness classes all day and working with clients. From the onset, her days are structured to make sure she takes care of herself.  Kandice has her own exercise regimen, even after teaching group fitness classes. She knows herself well enough to know she’s an evening workout person.  She’s figured out what works for her.  She also keeps inspiration close by and dives into all kinds of devotionals.  She is a real Happy Black Woman who advises to just start. Learn how to walk into your success by taking that first step today, on this episode of Happy Black Woman.  

“Value your personal experience enough to realize others can benefit from it, too.” ~ Kandice…
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:29] Rosetta’s Introduction of Kandice Shelton
  • [1:24] The mission behind and work of Fitspiration10.
  • [2:15] A snapshot of Kandice’s plan and role as a coach.
  • [3:37] Turning a passion into a business.
  • [5:25] Action steps to get started on your own journey.
  • [8:09] Specific strategies to get back on the wagon.
  • [9:39] Typical schedule and day-in-the-life of Kandice.
  • [11:16] How Kandice fits in her own exercise time.  
  • [12:24] Inspiration: books & personal mantras.
  • [14:59] What makes Candace a Happy Black Woman?
  • [16:42] Pieces of advice and lessons learned along the way.
  • [18:17] How to stay in touch with Kandice.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “100 Days of Prayer for Women

Kandice’s website: Download your Fit Map, a free gift from Kandice.

About Kandice Shelton

Kandice Shelton is a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Instructor who not only helps others to reach their ideal weight, but also lost 60 pounds herself. After reaching 200+ pounds on the scale, Kandice felt compelled to make a huge change – a lifestyle change. She shifted her mindset, her environment and her way of living – she lost the weight and kept it off. During this weight loss journey she fell (head over heels) in love with healthy living, fitness and wellness and is passionate about demonstrating how the “impossible” can be done. She combined her passion for health and fitness with her natural gifts of coaching, teaching and leadership and the inspiration to create Fitspiration10 quickly emerged.

Fitspiration10 is a health and fitness lifestyle company that helps women (and a few good men) to reach and maintain their ideal weight through fitness, nutrition and accountability programs that focus on the 10 key elements of healthy living. Fitspiration10 also partners with corporations, community organizations and schools to develop and implement custom heath, wellness and fitness programs for their employees, members and stakeholders.

In addition to being a Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach and Weight Management Coach, Kandice is also a Certified Corporate Wellness Consultant. While maintaining her group fitness certification, she has also earned several specialty certifications including children’s fitness, senior’s fitness and dance fitness (her favorite). She has also attained various cardio and strength formatted certifications. Additionally, Kandice holds a BA in Communication, MBA in Marketing and MPA in Healthcare Management.

Kandice keeps active teaching 10-15 fitness classes a week and still makes time to enjoy outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. She plans to take on the challenge of running a full marathon in the near future (wish her luck). Kandice’s personal journey drives her genuine desire to motivate and empower women to get fit and stay fit, no matter what!

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“I fell head over heels in love with how healthy living made me feel.” ~ Kandice Shelton
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60 pounds lost and a business gained, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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