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HBW037: Anita Jeter-Peterkin: Rediscovering Your Passion and Pursuing Your Dreams After Life Throws You a Curveball

On today’s episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta chats with a valued member of the HBW Mastermind group, Anita Jeter-Peterkin. Anita shares an incredibly powerful story of survival and beating the odds, and how her own experience helped her find her true mission in life. Anita is very clear about her mission: she mentors men and women (with a focus on women) who aspire to do more of what would bring greater satisfaction of capturing their dreams to create and live their ideal lives. She believes she was gifted with the ability to help others live their dreams, even when life has thrown a curveball. Anita shares with great candor the incredible odds she faced in her own life and how she found her way to live a life that makes her a Happy Black Woman.

I believe I was gifted the ability to #inspire, #motivate, and ignite others to become empowered to…
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Rediscovering your passion and creating a plan to get results.

Anita was a young mother when she faced the most difficult challenge of her life. At the age of 22, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and wasn’t expected to survive. It was then that she began to live a life of gratitude and her perspective completely changed. After overcoming a seemingly impossible obstacle, Anita realized she was destined for more. She woke up filled with gratitude for each and every day and believed she needed to inspire others to do the same. As she continued to face obstacles in her life, Anita realized she had a gift: she could turn an obstacle into a motivator. That’s when she knew she found her mission in life – helping others do the same.

Finding a way to help others fulfill their dreams.

After spending many years in sales and being a top producer, Anita initially dedicated herself to helping others in sales find success. As she applied her mentoring skills, she realized her passion could be used to help people in any field – and in their personal lives. Anita founded Empower to Produce to help ignite the passion in others who have had a curveball thrown at them. She wanted to share her story with others to make it clear that anything is possible if you persevere and believe. Today, Anita dedicates much of her time to public speaking and events, sharing her gifts of motivating others and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

How to succeed when life throws you curveballs, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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The importance of capturing a dream.

20 years after her initial breast cancer scare, Anita faced the unthinkable – she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. Overcoming her second scare inspired her to write a book, Wrapped’N’Pink. Anita discusses the importance of the book in her journey and how it has helped others faced difficult obstacles. She goes on to share how she stays focused each day on what is possible, rather than how difficult things may seem. Anita explains her belief that you can’t just dream a dream, you have to capture it. She also shares the value of waking up with a sense of gratitude because each day is truly a gift.

Staying motivated and empowered, no matter what.

Anita is no stranger to hardship and obstacles. But, through it all, she’s gained a sense of profound gratitude that is contagious. As Rosetta closes out her chat with this inspiring guest, they discuss Anita’s go-to books for inspiration and a personal mantra she wrote. She also shares her #1 tip for women who are ready to pursue their dreams: invest in yourself and your business. Anita also discusses her belief that you must embrace the process and celebrate progress – even when progress is slow. What makes Anita a Happy Black Woman? Spending time with her family and helping others. This is without a doubt an incredible story that will leave you feeling inspired to conquer your dreams.

Overcoming tremendous obstacles and going on to help others do the same, on this episode
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:34] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Anita Jeter-Peterkin.
  • [1:58] Anita’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:59] How Anita works with clients to achieve their goals.
  • [3:41] What inspired you to start your business?
  • [5:39] The inspiration behind the name of her business, Empower to Produce.
  • [7:59] A tip to help you identify the area of your purpose in life.
  • [8:56] Anita explains the book that she wrote and what inspired her to write it.
  • [12:59] Some action steps that help Anita stay motivated in her daily routine.
  • [18:10] A book that has inspired Anita on her journey.
  • [19:30] Where to find Anita’s book, “Wrapped in Pink”.
  • [20:06] Anita’s personal mantra.
  • [20:56] What makes Anita a Happy Black Woman.
  • [23:38] Anita’s #1 tip to a woman who is thinking about starting a business doing what she loves.
  • [27:12] How to connect with Anita.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Wrapped’N’Pink

PERSONAL MANTRA: Stay motivated, be empowered, and continue to follow your dreams even when life has thrown a curveball at you, because your dreams are meant to be captured and they are meant to be lived.

Anita Jeter-Peterkin’s website:

About Anita Jeter-Peterkin 

I am Anita Jeter-Peterkin; an awesome mom, nanna, and author of “Wrapped-N-Pink” and “A Moment of Thoughts”. I am a mentor, motivational, and inspirational speaker. I am also the founder of The Wrappednpink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization and Healthy Lifestyle Changes…Eating Better, Moving More, Stressing Less and the CEO of Empower2Produce for business and personal development.

I have always had the desire to help others get ahead in life and in business. I believe I was gifted the ability to inspire, motivate, and ignite others to become empowered to succeed in whatever they wish to do.
I work with people who have dreams to uncover their potential in life and create the lifestyle in which they are meant to live. Health, Business, and Ideal Lifestyle is my focus and my mission. I speak with women and men on a daily basis. These women and men have aspirations to do more of what would bring greater satisfaction to creating and living their ideal lives, however, become trapped in a rut because of a curve ball life has thrown their way. My mission is to help them to rediscover the passion they once had, capture their dreams, create a plan, and implement it to gain positive life changing results.

Over the years, life has thrown many curve balls my way. From losing loved ones, losing my job, broken relationships, losing my home, work place discrimination, failed businesses to being diagnosed with breast cancer and being told I would not survive a year. These curve balls were obstacles in my path of following my dreams to live the life I wanted to live. For many people, some of these life changing events have reaped havoc over their lives, causing them to give up and put their dreams on hold indefinitely. I could have been that someone. I came darn close to digging a deep hole and burying my dreams and goals in its entirety.

Instead of digging a hole to hide in, I dug deeper in my faith and leaned on God to guide and equip me with the tools I needed to persevere and create my ideal life. I believe the trials which I have experienced has made me a stronger, resilient, more focused, and determined person. With the ultimate goal of providing them the inspiration to move into a life of a world full of possibilities, I reach out to others by assisting them with hitting that curve ball and knocking the ball out of the park.

Outside of building my business, I enjoy spending time with my family, creative writing, dancing and local travel.

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