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HBW041: Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth: Changing the World, One Business at a Time

Today on Happy Black Woman, Rosetta chats with another valued and inspiring member of the HBW Mastermind, Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth. Dr. Angela is on a mission to heal the world by changing one business, one strategy at a time through her business Be.Lead.Grow. Her background in social work inspired her to go deeper towards her calling of working with organizations to create happy, healthy workplaces and therefore increase profits. Dr. Angela believes that through strategic planning processes, it’s possible to create a workplace that leaves everyone, including the client, feeling happy and fulfilled.

I’m on a #mission to change the world one business at a time ~ Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth
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How Dr. Angela found her calling.

Dr. Angela is passionate about social work and, when that was her primary career, she enjoyed it but knew something was missing. After a close friend lost her job, Dr. Angela suggested she attend Rosetta’s webinar. On her friend’s urging, Dr. Angela attending the webinar as well and that’s when she knew what her purpose was. She began pursuing her purpose with passion and could see the impact she could make. Dr. Angela wanted to couple the work she loves to do in order to help the most people, so she set her sights on working with organizations. Today, she works with agencies to assist in identifying strategies and implementing processes that can drive long-term success and workplace happiness.

How you can work to create a healthy workplace.

Dr. Angela believes that, as long as the organization is willing, any workplace can be healthy and happy. She shares with Rosetta the value of honoring the experience of everyone on the team, along with that of the client, and how that can truly pave the way for a healthy workplace. Dr. Angela also offers a blueprint that can help you better understand the strategies that you can begin to implement in your own workplace. She also explains a free gift available to HBW listeners that spells out a step-by-step process for workplace happiness.

Understanding the value of #healthyworkplaces in successful businesses, on this episode of…
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How creating healthy villages can drive profits.

Dr. Angela delves into her belief that healthy workplaces drive profits. She believes that when we create a healthy, supportive space for employees, clients are happier. And when clients are happier, the business is more successful. Dr. Angela explains how she creates a healthy, happy space of her own and how she implements her own strategies into her daily life. One of the most important things to Dr. Angela is creating a space filled with positive affirmations. She also lives by her personal mantra, “I deserve me at my best”.

Following your purpose and creating happiness in your own life.

Dr. Angela’s journey is inspiring and she shares it with great honesty. As she and Rosetta finish out their chat, Dr. Angela shares her #1 tip for women who are ready to follow their purpose and create a business: Just do it. She explains why it’s important to just go after what you want and how she believes that everything else will fall into place. Dr. Angela also shares the value of taking the time to reflect on what you’re grateful for and make room to celebrate as well as grieve. Dr. Angela offers great insight into how businesses can create healthy, happy spaces while driving profits and success for the business.

The strategies you can implement to create a #healthyworkplace, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:34] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth.
  • [1:30] Dr. Angela’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:25] How Dr. Angela achieves her goal of changing the world one business at a time.
  • [3:37] What inspired Dr. Angela to pursue this as a business.
  • [7:44] Some action steps you can implement if you want to create a healthy workplace.
  • [10:27] How do you practice healthy workplace behaviors?
  • [12:26] A blueprint of how you start to bring these behaviors into your workplace.
  • [14:49] A breakdown of Dr. Angela’s healthy process.
  • [17:51] How to get Dr. Angela’s free guide to creating a healthy workplace.
  • [18:19] The strategies Dr. Angela implements in her own life to create a healthy space.
  • [21:21] A book that has inspired Dr. Angela on her journey.
  • [23:22] Dr. Angela’s personal mantra.
  • [24:14] Dr. Angela’s #1 tip for women who are ready to start a business doing what they love.
  • [25:21] How to connect with Dr. Angela.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “When Love Calls, You Better Answer


“I deserve me at my best.”

“My success is tied to my imagination.”

Dr. Angela’s website:

Dr. Angela on Facebook

About Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth

Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth, the Founder and CEO of Be.Lead.Grow. (formerly Healthy Villages), has taken on the task of healing the world in a non-traditional approach that raises eyebrows coupled with a passion for raising the hearts of humanity. By focusing on honoring the human experience and journeys of individuals, groups, and communities, Dr. Shuttlesworth has created healing techniques that train businesses to increase their profit, performance, and power one strategy at a time. Dr. AMS is able to assess, intervene, and create thriving strategic plans that will take your business to new levels.

Most recently, she served as the Director of Organizational Development for the District of Columbia’s Department of Behavioral Health where she managed the data infrastructure grant, research and systematic operations based on utilization data. Recently, she accepted an Assistant Professor position at Norfolk State University where she taught the course that changed her life, Social Work with Families. Through teaching this course, she identified the missing link to the majority of our pain as well as our success, which is the influence of our first institution – the family. Incorporating this into the work that she does with Be.Lead.Grow. makes it a unique experience that has been known to literally change lives in individuals, communities, and businesses.


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