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HBW048: How to Plan a Successful Live Event with Event Manager Jillian Smith

Today’s guest is Jillian Smith. Jillian is the event manager for Happy Black Woman and the Founder/CEO of One Touch Events, LLC. Her mission is to work with clients to manage show-stopping events of all kinds. Jillian’s company plans everything from weddings to corporate engagement activities and beyond. She has a passion for systems and organization, as well as design, which allows her to see the full vision of the event and work towards wowing the client and the attendees. Jillian’s passion for event management is clear, and she shares her purpose with openness throughout this conversation with Rosetta.

Some strategic tips to help you get started with event planning, on this episode of…
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Understanding the client’s purpose.

For Jillian, finding her purpose happened quite organically. She explains that she always knew she wanted to own a business, but wasn’t quite clear exactly what her business would be until she had her “a ha!” moment. Jillian had always been the go-to source for party planning inspiration for friends and family – from baby showers to weddings and much more. She clearly had a gift and she loved doing it. It all became clear during the process of planning her own 30th birthday party. It was then that Jillian realized this was her purpose. And so, she set out to start an event planning business – One Touch Events, LLC. was born.

Why it’s important to have your tribe in place before planning an event.

Jillian shares some event planning tips that can help a novice that might be ready to get started. These strategic action steps offer insight into the ins and outs of events, so you can decide if you’re ready to take the plunge. Jillian discusses the value of having a tribe in place before planning an event, because this ensures you are able to fill seats. Another important thing to consider is the overall mission of the event. Jillian suggests thinking about what you want people to walk away from the event with as a way of identifying your event mission.

Why it’s so important to have your tribe in place before planning a live event.
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Staying organized while juggling so many things.

There’s no doubt Jillian is a busy business owner. That’s why it’s so important to manage her time and make sure she is able to stay focused on the task at hand. Jillian discusses some of her “secret weapons” that help her stay organized, including Basecamp, which she uses to manage her events and stay organized, and time blocking as a way of managing her schedule. Jillian’s ability to maintain organization has been essential to her success and the growth of the business. She also offers insight into her main focus throughout each day: client experience over everything.

Live courageously and lead with love.

As Rosetta and Jillian finish up their chat, Jillian leaves us with some final advice and inspiration. Her #1 piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs who are ready to follow their dreams? Don’t let money be your only motive for starting a business. Jillian also discusses some books that have inspired her and kept her focus on what she needed to do to make her dreams come true. Jillian’s conversation with Rosetta is filled with tactical tips and inspiration that can propel you forward in your journey.

“Live courageously and lead with love.” – @onetouchevents
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:35] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Jillian Smith.
  • [2:03] Jillian’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [3:53] How Rosetta and Jillian connected.
  • [6:41] What made Jillian decide to be an event planner?
  • [10:56] Some concrete action steps that can help you get started in events.
  • [18:58] Some other things to think about when you want to properly produce an event.
  • [24:09] How do you stay focused and productive during the day with so much multi-tasking going on.
  • [29:39] A book that has inspired Jillian on her journey.
  • [31:30] Jillian’s personal mantra.
  • [33:43] Jillian’s advice for women who are ready to follow their dreams.
  • [35:32] How to connect with Jillian.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About Jillian Smith

My approach starts with a simple KISS. Keep It Simple, Suga! I listen to your thoughts, taking cues from your personality, ideas, past experiences and pull together a full sensory event experience that flows together effortlessly. Whether it be an intimate backyard gathering to celebrate the blessing of a new year of life or taking lovers leap into matrimony, the beauty of the occasion and the love that fills the air is intoxicating. And you should have the opportunity to enjoy each and every moment of it, that’s where I come in!

Leveraging my 12-year experience in the corporate setting, I’ve always been drawn to the streamlined, sleek approach to executing a grand affair. My love of technology & planning tools, coupled with savvy design details are a product of my right & left-brain working in creative harmony. Not only do we organize but also we design with your end result in mind…with a OneTouch of ‘WOW!’

The Rundown….

  • I love a good glass of Malbec.
  • I’m a Recipe Perfectionist; literally will make the same dish until it sings to me!
  • Blue is my favorite color, all shades.
  • I wish I were a runner. I applaud them. But I’m mean on the elliptical machine :)

Though cliché, laughter in large doses is so therapeutic for me and I do so often! There are rare times you won’t see a smile on my face.

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Why you must know your attendees and know your staff in order to plan a successful event
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