HBW058: Amber Berry Teaches You How To Build A Great Money Mindset

Mindsets around money can be messed up in big ways. We all learn to think about money at an early age and the attitudes we develop are not always healthy. Amber Berry has noticed that tendency in herself and in many others and has learned a ton of great ways to think about money in healthier ways. That’s why she developed her Feel Good Finances website and helps entrepreneurs deal with the emotional and mindset issues surrounding money. On this episode of The Happy Black Woman podcast, you’re going to hear Rosetta’s conversation with Amber about money mindset, productivity, and building a dream business that you can use to create the life you desire. Be sure you take the time to listen!

On this episode Amber Berry Teaches You How To Build A Great Money Mindset @feelgudfinances
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Do you have a messed up money mindset? Here’s how you can find out!

Most of us don’t think about money in healthy ways. Whether we have undue or inappropriate feelings of guilt about finances or have a belief that we will never be one of “those people” who have money, we all probably have something to work on. But one of the most powerful hindrances to our money mindset is our emotions. The way we FEEL about money is powerful and many times holds us back from experiencing freedom and effectiveness in the way we pursue making and saving money. On this episode, Amber Berry is going to tell us 3 powerful tips that can help us start building a healthier mindset around money.

What to do if you are not good with money.

Amber Berry says that many people tell her that they are simply “not good with money.” She believes that is a bad habit they’ve developed in their thinking. In her experience helping many people overcome the obstacles to having a healthy money mindset, Amber has discovered effective tools that can help a person realize that they aren’t bad with money, they are simply ill-equipped to deal with it rightly. It’s her desire to change that by offering training and help that enables her clients to deal with money wisely and powerfully. You can hear how Amber got into the financial education world and what she does to help people like you, on this episode.

What to do if you are not good with money, on this episode @feelgudfinances
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Why you need a group of friends who support your new money mindset.

Many people are trapped in a negative way of thinking about money because they were taught unhealthy ways of thinking from childhood. It isn’t that parents intentionally taught them things that they knew were bad, they just passed on the mindset they already had about money. That means that as you start working toward new mental habits your close family members may not be very supportive, simply because they don’t understand what you’re trying to do. That’s why you need a supportive group of people who understand your money mindset journey and are willing to encourage you and help you maintain your momentum. On this episode of the podcast, Amber Berry shares how you can find the exact group of people you need, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Are you self-sabotaging your money making efforts?

It sounds silly to say that people sabotage their own efforts at earning money, but it’s true. And the tendency to short circuit their own plans comes from an unhealthy mindset that they possess about the issue of money. Amber Berry has discovered some powerful tools that help people recognize their own bad thinking about money and begin to move out of those mental habits and develop healthier ones. You will receive a lot of help surrounding your own bad mental habits about money if you’ll listen to this great episode of Happy Black Woman. And you’ll also be able to receive Amber’s free gift. What are you waiting for?

Are you self-sabotaging your money making efforts? Find out on this episode @feelgudfinances
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:31] Rosetta’s introduction to her guest on this episode, Amber Berry.
  • [1:12] How Rosetta met Amber in the Happy Black Woman mastermind.
  • [2:48] How Amber helps entrepreneurs with finances and mindset around finances.
  • [6:19] How Amber became interested in helping people with emotional issues around finance.
  • [9:45] 3 tips to develop a healthy money mindset.
  • [13:15] What Amber says to the person who thinks they are “not good with money.”
  • [14:55] How you can find a community of people who will support your financial goals and mindset.
  • [17:54] How do people self-sabotage in the area of money?
  • [21:43] How Amber stays focused and productive.
  • [24:05] Amber’s #1 piece of advice to a woman who wants to start a business.
  • [26:40] How you can connect with Amber

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About Amber Berry

Amber is a millennial on a mission to help others heal their negative relationships with money through encouragement, education and empathy. She found her love for personal finance during her journey to get her own finances in order after she graduated college. This journey also taught her the importance of personal development in regards to money management. Developing a positive self image and healing from past experiences is pivotal to making steps toward a successful financial future and a healthier, happier you. Since then she has pursued training in financial education and money psychology.

She started feelgoodfinances.com with the intent of creating a positive & proactive dialogue around money challenges people face. It is her vision to help people learn to forgive themselves for mistakes, overcome their fears of the unknown, expand their financial knowledge and accept failure in a constructive way that will help them climb over the hurdles to begin to build a better financial future, for themselves and their families.

In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with loved ones watching movies, eating yummy food and learning to make her way around the kitchen. Whenever she can get away, she loves extreme sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, ziplining and parasailing!

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Do you have a messed up money mindset? Here’s how you can find out! @feelgudfinances
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Why you need a group of friends who support your new money mindset, on this episode @feelgudfinances
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