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HBW062: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance with Angie Gray

The issue of work life balance is one that every one of us feels because life these days seems more fast-paced than ever. Is there really a way to balance the things you do in your workday with the needs and desires you have concerning the rest of your life? On this episode of the Happy Black Woman podcast, Rosetta talks with another of her mastermind members, Angie Gray about the importance of understanding what work life balance is really all about and how every woman can truly take control of her situation to ensure that what needs to be effectively addressed in her life is not falling through the cracks. You’ll get a ton of value out of what Angie has to share so be sure you listen.

HBW062: @_AngieGray, Modeling and Teaching Work Life Balance to Find Purpose and Success
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Your life experiences are what show you your purpose.

Angie Gray is a woman who was serving people at every turn. She has long been active in the life and ministries of her church family and found herself meeting the same kinds of needs more and more. But problems arose when she realized that the time she was giving out to people who were truly in need was taking away from the priority time she needed to be giving to her family. That’s when she received the revelation that her talents and skills could be used to build a business that helped the same people while providing for her family. Following some simple steps to clarify and focus, she was able to build margin into her life to keep her family first. You can hear Angie’s inspiring story on this episode.

Is work life balance even possible?

With all the demands and stress that press in on every side these days, it’s natural to ask whether the concept of work and life balance is really something that can be achieved. Today’s guest says that it’s not so much about balance but about knowing your true calling and purpose as a whole person – mind, body, soul, and spirit. When you get clear on those things the place that family priorities need to fit in your life become much clearer. Angie Gray is on the Happy Black Woman podcast today to share some wisdom about how she models and teaches work life balance, so be sure you take the time to hear what she’s got to say.

Is work life balance even possible? @_AngieGray
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How do you turn your gifts and skills into a business?

Every person has gifts and talents, given to them at birth. But it’s often difficult to figure out what they are, how they are to be used to benefit the people around you, and how to use them to create a means of support for yourself and your family. Angie Gray has walked that path herself, struggling to make the priorities she loved and cared about into a revenue stream that could also support her long term. On this episode, Angie tells her story and highlights the steps she took that enabled her to gain much-needed clarity and move her new business toward success.

Simple, short routines can make a huge difference in your life.

When it comes to keeping your life and business on track there’s nothing more powerful than routines. And they don’t have to be complicated. Angie Gray says that some of the simplest things, when done in a systematic way, can set you up for success day after day. As she spoke with Rosetta, Angie shared some examples from her personal life of the kinds of simple and short routines she uses to run her business, household, and family life with ease. If you’re looking to get a handle on your own busy life the simple ideas Angie shares could be exactly what help you get things running smoothly.

Simple, short routines can make a huge difference in your life @_AngieGray
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s introduction to Angie Gray, a Happy Black Woman mastermind member.
  • [1:47] The mission and work Angie does: discover and activate your superpowers.
  • [3:23] The life experiences that have led Angie to the calling she now enjoys.
  • [12:34] Turning gifts into a business through walking her talk.
  • [20:52] The process Angie follows to help women find their purpose and passion.
  • [24:44] Angie’s personal disciplines that keep her productive and on track.
  • [30:47] Books and other resources that have helped Angie.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode


Angie Gray has answered the Lord’s call to become an influential woman of God that assists women of all walks of life to become their very best selves. Having taken small, consistent and intentional steps to transform her own life to one of purpose, Angie has a firm understanding of her role in helping and guiding women to transform their lives, one step at a time. Angie’s speech entitled, “Small Change Adds Up!” is just one of many themes that have blessed and empowered women with a clearer understanding of self-care and personal growth strategies they can immediately implement to improve their outlook on life and become their best selves.

Armed with God’s purpose and destiny for her life, Angie founded BlessedBlackWoman.com and PEARLS4LIFE, foundations designed to meet women and girls where they are on their life journey and help them move forward to leading the life and lifestyle of their heart’s desire. Using these vehicles of transformation from a “real talk” approach, Angie serves the Kingdom through her speaking and writing on real issues and real strategies that are relevant to real women living in real life.

Angie dedicates her life’s journey to empowering women to identify and release recurring distractions and negative forces (real and perceived) that have prevented them from accessing their inner strengths and resources necessary to lead the purposeful, fulfilled, and thriving lives and divine destiny God intends for them as He declares for us in John 10:10.

With over twenty years of experience and training, relevant academic degrees, numerous certifications, honors and awards, Angie is living her mission and purpose to serve women and girls around the globe to embrace wellness and wholeness in all facets of their lives. Angie Gray is a Blessed Black Woman who enjoys the life of a Pastor’s wife and is the mother of four daughters. Angie serves as a Minister and Christian Life Coach in her church and as a Counselor, Educator and Mentor in an urban school.

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Your life experiences are what show you your purpose. @_AngieGray
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How do you turn your gifts and skills into a business? @_AngieGray
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