HBW069: Kimberly Dunlap, How To Develop Confidence In Yourself

If you’ve ever wondered how to develop confidence in yourself this podcast episode was recorded just for you. It features Kimberly Dunlap, one of the Happy Black Woman inner circle who has been wowing people with her insights into personal confidence, inner healing, empowerment, and a whole lot more. On this episode, Rosetta talks with Kimberly about the things that have led her to the point in life where she feels free of her own inner turmoil and empowered to help other women reach the same levels of satisfaction and confidence – and beyond!

HBW069: Kimberly Dunlap, How To Develop Confidence In Yourself
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Do you realize the power of your own story?

Most of us see our story as a path riddled with liabilities, hurts, and disappointments. We find it hard to believe that the things we’ve experienced can be of help to others. And while your path may be fraught with those kinds of experiences it’s nevertheless true that what you’ve experienced equips you to be an asset to others who have not yet overcome those same things in their own lives. This episode of the podcast features Kimberly Dunlap, a woman with her own past and share of pain, but she’s leveraging those experiences to use her story for the benefit of others. If you need inner healing, a newfound confidence in yourself, or a sense of greater purpose then you need to hear Kimberly’s story!

To begin building confidence it’s vital that you learn to quiet the inner noise.

In this conversation on The Happy Black Woman podcast, Rosetta asked her guest, Kimberly Dunlap, what the first step is in moving toward inner healing and the building of personal confidence. Kimberly said that the very first thing every woman needs to do is learn how to quiet the inner noise that distracts and condemns. You know what she’s talking about, don’t you? It’s those nagging voices from the past that tell you that you are no good, not enough, or a failure. Silencing those noises enables you to begin hearing the truth about yourself so that you can start moving past the limitations those negative beliefs have impressed upon you. Find out more about how to find confidence and inner healing, on this episode.

To begin building confidence it’s vital that you learn to quiet the inner noise
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Do you struggle to trust yourself?

Every person on the planet is riddled with a past full of missteps, mistakes, and wrong calls. That kind of track record could cause anyone to begin doubting themselves, to find it hard to trust that they are even capable of making the right call when important decisions arise. If you struggle with those things, you’re not alone. Kimberly Dunlap was plagued with the same kinds of insecurity and doubt until she determined that she was going to overcome. On this episode you’ll hear Kimberly’s story and find out how the insights she’s learned on her own journey to self-confidence can help you learn to trust yourself again and move toward greater things.

How to know if you’re living out a charade that’s not authentic.

You’ve seen people on TV and internet videos who seem to have it all together, but there’s something wrong in the way they come across, something that doesn’t seem real or authentic. None of us want to be that kind of person but we can easily fall into the trap of putting on a facade for others to see. We do it to feel better about ourselves and to hide our insecurities. How do you know if you’re living out that kind of charade? There’s one clear sign. You don’t have joy. Kimberly Dunlap shares how a lack of joy is the main tip-off to an inauthentic life, on this episode of Happy Black Woman with Rosetta Thurman.

How to know if you’re living out a charade that’s not authentic
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s welcome and thanks to you!
  • [1:18] Who is Kimberly Dunlap?
  • [3:00] The years and tears that led Kimberly to her passion.
  • [5:00] The things that led Kimberly to believe that she could develop a business from her passion.
  • [7:53] Steps Kimberly recommends to women seeking healing.
  • [16:55] Learning to believe that there is more for you in your life.
  • [20:11] Disciplines Kimberly employs to help herself stay in alignment.
  • [23:06] Books Kimberly recommends.
  • [24:16] Advice for black women who are seeking to live their purpose.
  • [27:40] How you can connect with Kimberly.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode


Dr. Kimberly K. Dunlap is a speaker, author, trainer and coach. She has a passion for women especially the educated black woman. This passion turned into a desire to help others avoid wasting precious time in their lives, and teaching them to be fully engaged in their current reality to avoid traveling down a road of hopelessness and worthlessness. She’s the founder/CEO of K. Dunlap Consulting, a Doctor of Education & certified professional life coach living in the Tampa Bay area; specializing in engagement and healthy relationship development. She specializes in Organizational Leadership, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Professional Management minoring in Psychology. As a prior corporate training, Dr. Kimberly now assists educated women, primarily of color, in actively engaging in their lives, motivating them to build and maintain healthy love relationships and motivating them to thrive in their professional career growth; all with the goal of everyone living a life rich in gratitude and joy!

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Do you realize the power of your own story?
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Do you struggle to trust yourself?
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