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How to Be Productive Every Single Day (VIDEO)

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How to Be Productive Every Single Day (VIDEO)

In today’s video post, I share the #1 productivity tool that keeps me moving forward on my goals every single day. I’m working with a few business coaching clients right now on time management and productivity and of course, we have our action plans and accountability forms. But one of the most effective tools I use and recommend is so simple…I almost can’t believe how well it works! And no, it’s not some fancy software or nifty technology. And no, it won’t even cost you very much money.

In the video, I share a simple technique help you get things done on a daily basis, especially when it comes to your business:

Buy a set of index cards.

I recommend the regular, ruled 3 x 5 index cards, NOT the weird oversized ones. I get mine from the local dollar or discount store for about $1 for a set of 200. You can also get a packet of them super cheap at any store that sells office supplies.

Write down your to-do list for the day.

Get out a blank index card and write down your to-do list on a new one every morning. The great thing about index cards is that they’re just big enough to jot down the most important tasks, but still too small to write down every single thing you need to do for the week or month. This forces you to prioritize because the card only fits what needs to be done for that day – and helps you fit the list in your brain as well!

Repeat the items you didn’t complete on the next day’s card.

Some days, you won’t get everything done. That’s life. But with this tool, you’ll at least get SOME things done and keep the momentum going into the next day. The key is to keep writing down the tasks you don’t complete today on tomorrow’s index card. Over time, you’ll get tired of writing down the same items on the card day after day, which prompts you to finish them!

I’ve been using this index card technique for the past couple of years and it’s been amazing for my business. No matter what happens, I get at least a few tasks completed every single day. And even though there’s always more to do, I feel accomplished knowing that I’m consistently making progress.

Leave a comment: What tools and techniques do you use to stay productive on a daily basis?

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