Business & Money, how to start a side hustle -

How to Start a Side Hustle: 28 Passion-Based Business Ideas You Can Launch Online

Business & Money, how to start a side hustle -

How to Start a Side Hustle: 28 Passion-Based Business Ideas You Can Launch Online

This is the fifth post in the How to Start a Side Hustle series.

Whenever I have a conversation with someone who says they can’t start their dream business because they don’t have the money, I immediately go into brainstorming mode with them. Why? Because I see people making money with their talents and passions using free or cheap online marketing tools. While it may be true that you don’t have much money right now, it’s a great time to start thinking of ways you can leverage the internet as a low-cost marketing strategy to change your situation and bring more benjamins in the door.

This is what I usually talk about when I coach people on how to start a side hustle. What many people still don’t realize is that most small businesses actually start off as side hustles while the owner still has the financial cushion of a full-time job. It takes some of the risk off of you and gets your feet wet, all while allowing you to make money on the side to supplement your lifestyle or to save up for that big dream trip around the world. But what kind of business can you start with little to no funds? These days, almost any business can be launched and built online! In many cases, getting a basic website up is all you need to start letting people know you’re open for business.

Here are 28 different ideas from 28 black women who are using online tools like blogs, YouTube, email newsletters and e-commerce websites to get their side hustle (or full-time hustle!) on. I’ve linked to them as examples to further inspire your own entrepreneurial spirit. The possibilities available with today’s technology are endless!

  1. Virtual assistant (see Jessica Pinkney)
  2. Beauty blogger (see Afrobella)
  3. Vintage clothing reseller (see Zulu Gypsy Vintage)
  4. Social media consultant (see Organic Fusion)
  5. Freelance web designer (see Artiatesia Deal)
  6. Social media manager (see Tamara Rasberry)
  7. Etsy shop owner (see junkprints)
  8. Professional speaker (see Rosetta Thurman)
  9. Life coach (see Nailah Blades)
  10. Fashion blogger (see Curvy CEO)
  11. Online membership site owner (see LaShanda Henry’s Black Business Women Online)
  12. Jewelry designer (see Peace Images and Rachel Stewart)
  13. Personal trainer (see Kimberly Linton aka DC’s Toughest Trainer aka my mom)
  14. Author (see Demetria Lucas aka A Belle in Brooklyn)
  15. Natural hair vlogger (see KimmayTube and her online store Luv Naturals)
  16. Career coach (see Tai Goodwin aka the Career Makeover Coach)
  17. Food/health blogger (see Halona Black)
  18. Baker (see Tweet’s Sweets)
  19. Ghostwriter (see Evelyn Bourne)
  20. Photographer (see Tru Shots Photography)
  21. Freelance copywriter (see Jamie Fleming aka Mocha Writer)
  22. Mommy blogger (see Cutie Booty Cakes)
  23. Wellness coach (see Takeyah Young)
  24. Business and technology consultant (see Rochelle Robinson)
  25. Travel blogger (see Johnica Reed)
  26. Interior designer (see Erika Ward)
  27. PR coach (see Amanda Littlejohn and Mopwater PR)
  28. Makeup consultant (see Alison Ryce aka Mary Kay Allie)
What’s your side hustle? Do any of these ideas spark new possibilities for your own brainstorming?


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