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It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” — J.P. Morgan

This is a picture of my kitchen counter from earlier today.

I just began a 10-day detox so I can feel my absolute BEST for our upcoming Location Independent Business Academy LIVE 3-Day Intensive in DC!

Why a detox?

Well, over the past year, I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue.

I’ve also gained 5 pounds along with some extra belly fat that wasn’t there before!

A couple of months ago, my doctor ran some blood tests and I was diagnosed with anemia, caused by iron deficiency.

Some of the symptoms? Fatigue and loss of energy.

I was told to take iron supplements every day, which I’ve been doing.

But it was definitely a wake-up call for me to focus more on my health.

The final “nudge” came during a workshop I attended in Palm Springs last week where one of the speakers was teaching us about chronic inflammation and the importance of eating whole foods.

It was then that I decided to start making some very different decisions when it comes to my body.

Because I realized that it doesn’t HAVE to be this way.

I don’t HAVE to be tired all the time.

I don’t HAVE to have my belly poking out when I wear a form-fitting dress.

I realized that as always, I have a choice in the matter.

I can choose to continue doing what I’m doing –

Eating whatever I want, whenever I want, drinking Coke all the time and not exercising regularly.


I can choose to change my diet, upgrade my lifestyle and enjoy all the positive results that come along with it.

I choose change.

I choose growth.

So now, I begin the journey of starting over and taking a stand for my health.

In this area of my life, for me that means kicking things off with this 10-day detox and then maintaining my results as a shift in my diet and lifestyle.

What did that look like so far today?

A green smoothie for breakfast with romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, banana, pear and a little almond butter.

Warm water with lemon.

A big green salad for lunch with homemade lemon vinaigrette and tomatoes, a whole avocado and a plain baked sweet potato.

Salmon and a big salad for dinner.

Is making this kind of lifestyle change easy?

No way.

But I know it will be totally worth it.

So let me ask you…

Is it time for YOU to start over in some area of your life?

No matter what your circumstances, please know that it doesn’t have to be the way it is now.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your comfort zone.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At any time, you can start over and begin living your life with a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made this year, you can decide to press the “reset” button on your life.

You can choose to make these last 3 months of the year your best EVER.

Go here to get started:



P.S. If you want a proven process that will show you how to press the “reset” button on your life so you can get unstuck and start living the life you truly want, I invite you to begin my 31 Days to Reset Your Life program today.

Every day for 31 days, you will receive a powerful assignment via email that will help you:

  • rediscover who you truly are
  • develop a personal mission statement
  • create a map for your ideal life
  • envision and pursue your passion and purpose
  • get clear about your goals for the future
  • eliminate behaviors that are holding you back from being happy
  • cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit within

Start your journey here:

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