Sacred “Me Time,” Self-Sabotage & How to Remember Who You Really are

Yesterday, I spent the morning at Coronado Beach here in San Diego.

Long walks on the beach are one of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself and my purpose.

On my walks, I put my headphones in and listen to my gospel music playlist on Spotify.

I look out at the water, watching the waves rise up and crash on the shore.

It is a time of meditation.

It is a time of prayer.

It is a time of affirmation.

During this time, I am reminded that there is nothing too big for God.

Which means that there is nothing too big for ME.

Having sacred “me time” in the mornings is so important because it allows you to go within and remember who you REALLY are – a child of God who deserves the best.

NOT a woman who has to settle for what’s “realistic” or “reasonable.”

That’s why I’m excited to share that during the month of October, I’ll be leading a series of powerful discussions about how you can stop pretending to be OK with living a “normal” life where you feel the need to conform to the status quo and instead, step into your new reality which is all about honoring your true goals, dreams and desires.

Why am I going so deep into goal-setting and manifestation with our Happy Black Woman tribe?

Because the problem is…

As women, especially as black women – we find so many ways to SABOTAGE our own happiness, including:

  1. Holding on to old stories and limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you
  2. Lying to yourself about what really want because you don’t believe you’re worthy of having it
  3. Refusing to let go of people, situations and behaviors that no longer serve you
  4. Being attached to getting approval, validation and permission from your family, friends and peers

The saddest part is that these issues can go on and on and on until you die…IF you let them.

IF you keep dwelling on why you “can’t” instead of how you CAN.

One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to be on my deathbed wondering “what if?”

Or wishing I had done more of the things I was afraid of.

You can choose to live your life in such a way that you have no regrets when it comes time for you to leave this earth.

None of us know when our time will be up, which is the best reason to make the most of the time you have now.

Each morning you wake up to see the sun rise, you get another chance to start over and become the woman you were created to be.

And for that, I am so grateful.



P.S. If you’re DONE with the self-sabotage and you’re ready to become the kind of woman who gets everything she wants, then I hope to see you on my “Create Your Ideal Life” workshop tour this month!

Click the links below and register for a city near you:

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