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Stop Focusing on What You DON’T Want

These past few days, I’ve been in Virginia and DC spending time with family in addition to hosting events and meeting our Happy Black Woman tribe in person.

On Sunday, I had a wonderful evening with a room full of incredible women at my “Create Your Ideal Life” workshop in DC!

One of the topics we talked about was the importance on getting clear on what you DO want instead of focusing on what you DON’T want in your life. 

Whatever you focus on will grow, so if you’re spending time talking about all the things you don’t want, then it will be difficult to attract the things you actually desire.

Negative energy is there to give you clues as to what’s no longer working in your life. It’s not meant for you to stay stuck in that frame of mind forever.

Here’s what I’ve noticed after helping so many clients experience shifts in their life and business:

Sometimes, what you want is simply the direct OPPOSITE of what you don’t want. 

For instance, if you say:

I DON’T want a man who lies and cheats.

The exact opposite may be true:

I DO want a man who is honest and loyal.

Or –

I DON’T want to work at my soul-sucking job anymore.

Here’s the turnaround:

I DO want a job where I am respected and well-compensated.

The difference is that the “I don’t” statements tend to attract the exact situations you said you didn’t want!

The “I do” statements will put you in a totally different energy – ready to receive the circumstances you desire.

Go ahead, take a moment to try this exercise for yourself!

I DON’T want _______________.

Now turn it around, using “I do want” and the opposite of the word or phrase you put in the blank.

I DO want ___________________.

What I love about my work is that I get to empower black women to release their limiting beliefs so that they can get what they want NOW, not later.

And if you’re in the Atlanta area, I hope to see you on Saturday, October 21 for my signature “Create Your Ideal Life” workshop! Click here to register.

I’m living proof that if you learn how to focus ONLY on what you want, you will get it much faster than you ever thought possible. 

Believing in you,


P.S. There’s still time to join me at a workshop! We have 2 events left and each one includes live Q&A and valuable networking with like-minded women.

Click the links below and register for a city near you:

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