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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Personal Development & Spirituality, Self-Care & Wellness -

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Lately, I’ve been assessing my personal habits with the intention of getting rid of the ones that no longer serve me. For one thing, I love to look in the mirror (yes, I know, a little vain), although a lot of the time it’s to check to see if I look OK, if I’ve got a big pimple on my forehead or if I’ve got spinach in my teeth. While at first it sounds self-absorbed to say that I look in the mirror so much, I’ve recently realized that all too often, I’m looking in the mirror to see if something is wrong with me.

Do you do this in your own life?

Sure, we all want to look great before we leave the house. But many of us go way beyond that and focus primarily on our flaws, physical or otherwise. One example is how we sometimes keep too close of an eye on how our bodies look in comparison to others. For instance, it’s taken me almost my entire life to finally be OK with being a skinny black girl. I’m naturally thin, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of people (men and women) I’ve met in my life who’ve told me, “you could use a sandwich.” I used to live for the days when I’d step on the scale and find that I’d gained a few pounds, hoping to be on my way to a more “typical” voluptuous figure.

Now, I’m more appreciative of the body that I’ve been given. This body has allowed me to live and breath and move on this earth for 30 years and hopefully many more. This is the only body I have. Instead of wasting time wishing it was something else, my goal is to simply take care of it as best I can and love it as fiercely as possible.

I think this philosophy goes beyond simply accepting yourself as you are – though that’s important, too.

This is self-love.

This is saying, “I was made perfect and my main goal in this life is to act in accordance with that belief.” This is not about vanity, or even confidence for that matter. It’s about knowing that you are beautiful and worthy of every truly beautiful thing – and not allowing anyone or anything to convince you otherwise. This is recognizing that you need not compete with anyone, nor can anyone compete with you, because you were put here to live out your own unique purpose that no one else could ever fulfill but you.

Most of my posts here on the blog are about personal development and how you might make positive changes in your life – both big and small. Obviously, I think change can be really good, if that’s what you need. But sometimes, what we actually need is to focus on how amazing we already are.

There is nothing wrong with you.

And the more you stop looking for flaws, the easier it becomes to achieve your true potential in the world.

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