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VIDEO: How to Recommit to Your Goals

The pressure is on…

As the year comes to an end, you might be feeling some kind of way about not reaching all the big goals you set out to accomplish back in January.

If you’ve been beating yourself up about being an under-achiever this year, the video below will give you a simple way to get back on track today!

In the video, I share some insight about the “c” word, how it applies to your life and a clear strategy you can put into practice right now that will help you end the year strong.

The key is to renew your commitment to your goals.

Yes, life can get in the way or your lizard brain might have thrown you off over the past year, but now is the time to let go of your previous missteps and RECOMMIT to your goals.

You owe it to yourself to honor the vision that you have been given for your life.

Leave a comment: How can you recommit to your goals today so that you can make some real progress by the end of this year?

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