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VIDEO: What’s Your Freedom Number?

I often get the question:

“Rosetta, how did you find the courage to quit your job and work for yourself full-time?”

What many people don’t realize is that I didn’t just make an impulsive decision one day to leave my job.

I took the time to build my consulting business on the side for 2 years before I submitted my resignation. I cultivated a large network of colleagues and peers who could connect me to PAID speaking, consulting and coaching opportunities.

For 2 years, I grew my brand and my professional reputation so that I could attract enough clients and customers to meet my “freedom number” and make full-time self-employment a possibility.

In the video below, I share the concept of having a “freedom number” and how you can find yours!

If one of your goals is to quit your job so you can create a freedom-based lifestyle, today’s video will give you a “reality check” and some guidance for moving forward in your business.

Leave me a comment: What’s YOUR freedom number? And how close are you to reaching it?

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