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What a 4-Hour Flight Delay Taught Me About Happiness

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What a 4-Hour Flight Delay Taught Me About Happiness

I had a great time in Las Vegas this weekend at a sales training with one of my business mentors, Lisa Sasevich! At the event, I met a ton of creative entrepreneurs who are doing BIG things in their businesses.

I can’t stress enough just how important it is to invest in yourself and get the ongoing training, support and inspiration you need to achieve your business goals. And of course it helps when you also get to have fun with awesome people along the way :)

On the way back to Hawaii, I had my usual layover in Los Angeles at LAX. But what was supposed to be a one-hour layover turned into a 4-hour flight delay. Upon hearing this news, I was NOT a happy black woman. I was pissed!

I was ready to go home. My plan was to get back in time to enjoy a good night’s sleep in my own bed. Not to mention, I had an 8:00am coaching client the next morning.

But as I looked around the airport waiting area, with people settling in with food, coffee and pillows for an unexpected 4-hour wait, I realized just how blessed we were. Even though we had been inconvenienced by a lengthy flight delay…we were still going to HAWAII in a few hours, a tropical getaway that many people would love to just be able to visit in their lifetime.

When that divine reminder hit me, my face immediately softened from a frown to a big smile. I would just chill for a while and get some work done. I grabbed the little $12 food voucher the airline gave us and went to find a sandwich and a comfortable place to camp out.

While the default for many of us in this situation might be to get mad, demand a refund and throw shade to the rude airline staff, that’s not the behavior that serves us best. Complaining about circumstances that are out of your control just escalates the negative emotions you already have.

No matter what happens to throw off your day, it helps to remember three things about happiness:

  • You can enjoy life a lot more if you make joy your default emotion.
  • You can see a lot more humor in everyday situations if you make smiling your default facial expression.
  • You can experience a lot more happiness if you make it the default choice in your life.

I didn’t get back to Hawaii until 2:00am this morning. But when I did, I simply felt grateful to have a bed to drop into, exhausted and happy to be home.

Leave a comment: What’s your default emotion or behavior when things don’t go as planned?

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