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You’re Sitting On a Goldmine

It’s like I always tell my business coaching clients:

You’re sitting on a goldmine.

A goldmine of information, tools, strategies and hard-won life experience that can be packaged and shared with the masses.

A goldmine of VALUE that if you would just do something with it…could literally make you tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions over time.


That vacation of a lifetime, a new car, quality education for your kids, your dream home and even your philanthropic legacy is just one powerful decision away.

The decision to create your own products and services.

We’re in the middle of the 3rd quarter of 2016 and my company is steadily approaching the $1M revenue mark, according to the strategic plan I created at the beginning of the year.

How is that even possible?!

Because all year long, I’ve been selling my products, programs, services and packages.

I have more than a dozen of them now.


Live events.

Online workshops and courses.

Books and ebooks.

And more.

All designed to help my ideal client improve her life and build her business.

This is how it’s done, darling.

There’s no magic faucet that you can just turn on and money starts flowing into your business like water.

You want the freedom to be able to quit your job and live life on YOUR terms?

Then you’re going to have to stop procrastinating and actually start selling your products and services.

Truly, the key to the abundant, location-independent lifestyle you want is INSIDE of you!

It’s buried deep within that beautiful brain of yours, just waiting to be released out into the world.

And if you keep letting FEAR and DOUBT get in your way, you will never be able to experience the personal and financial success that comes with walking in your purpose.

But if you’re done with playing small and you’re ready to say YES to your desires, step into your power and finally IMPLEMENT that big idea you have that you know can help people and earn income for you and your family, then my brand new monthly membership program is for you :)


The Happy Black Woman Business Academy is Rosetta’s brand new monthly membership program designed to provide black women entrepreneurs with the business training AND personal development necessary to build a successful location-independent business and lifestyle. Join a dynamic sisterhood of like-minded women where you can come and get the training, support and accountability you need to stop allowing your fears and doubts to hold you back from stepping into the possibility of more happiness, more money and more freedom.

As an Academy member, you’ll receive a monthly motivational email from Rosetta including a special playlist, powerful journaling prompts as well as book recommendations that will guide you in doing your own inner work. Then – once per month, you will participate in a LIVE Masterclass with Rosetta or one of her guest experts on topics designed to help you build a successful location-independent business and freedom-based lifestyle on YOUR terms. Every month, you will also join Rosetta for a LIVE Group Coaching Call where you can ask her ANYTHING and get laser coaching on any aspect of your business or life. Throughout the month, you will be able to get support, insight and feedback from your Academy sisters in our private, members-only Facebook Group. You will also be encouraged to select an Accountability Partner from the group that you will meet with each week to help you stay on track as you work on your goals in the Business Academy.


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