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Your Next Step Might Not Be “Logical”

Over the years, I’ve taught, mentored and coached hundreds of women in different stages of transition, such as:

  • reaching a “milestone” age of 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.
  • getting a divorce
  • being laid off
  • quitting a job
  • preparing to retire
  • becoming an empty-nester

When you’re in a time of transition, it can feel like like you’re free-falling without a parachute, not knowing what to expect when you finally land.

Transition can be so stressful that you feel stuck when it comes to figuring out your next step.

But what might look like a crisis is actually a divine opportunity to reflect and get back into alignment with your goals, dreams and desires.

What I’ve found is that every woman’s journey is different.

And what may seem “logical” to everyone else, may not be right for YOU.

Back in 2009, the “logical” next step was for me to move up in my nonprofit career and begin applying for higher-level leadership positions in my field.

Instead, I decided to quit my job and work for myself full-time as a consultant, speaker and coach.

People doubted me.

My peers were skeptical.

Even family members discouraged me.

Yet I was able to press on and achieve my goal of building a successful business because I got clear that this was MY path.

It was MY life to live. 

Not theirs. 

I was the one who would have to face the consequences of not living up to my full potential.

No matter what kind of transition you may be in right now, don’t forget that YOU get to choose what your next step will be.

And no – your choice doesn’t have to be “logical.”

It doesn’t have to be “realistic.”

It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody but YOU.



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