God's Black Prophets: Deconstructing the Myth of the White Muhammad of Arabia and Jesus of Jerusalem by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

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Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad are arguably the two most important figures of recent history. They are also the two most revered religio-historical figures in the Black community of America and much of Africa. Both are popularly and officially portrayed as white-skinned men. However, Dr. Wesley Muhammad demonstrates in this work that the historical, textual and scientific evidences converge indicating that both were actually black-skinned men whose ancestors were African Semites who crossed into the Levant and Arabia several millennia ago. For the first time, a broad range of the relevant Classical Arabic/Islamic source material is brought together, demonstrating that the popular and official image of the prophet Muhammad is a secondary fabrication. Dr. Muhammad documents the bleaching of the image of both men by a later generation of Christians and Muslims who were offended by the dark appearance of their community s respective founder. This work also addresses the intra-Muslim controversy over the seeming self-contradictory position of Elijah Muhammad on the question of Prophet Muhammad s ethnicity. It is documented that Elijah Muhammad declared both that Muhammad was a black prophet and that he was a white man. Dr. Muhammad thus raises the question, Did Elijah Muhammad contradict himself? Dr. Muhammad argues that he did not and that Elijah Muhammad s two statements can be perfectly harmonized when understood in the context of the Classical Arabic/Islamic scholarly tradition.