Christianity and Its Origins Vol. 2 - eBook SuperPack (35 Titles)

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True History of Christianity 1-12 - John Smith

101 Myths of the Bible How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History -Gary Greenberg

A Chronology of the Bible

The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life

The Vatican's Mafia

The Black Madonna: Hidden Treasures of Christianity

African Origins of The Major World Religions

Lies of The Pope: John Paul II

The Power of the Vatican

500 Questions and Answers on the Black presence in The Bible

Africa: Mother of Western Civilization

The Bible and The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Complete Sayings of Jesus

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God?

The Messiah Before Jesus

The Origin of Satan - How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics

The Truth About the Bible (1894) - Robert Green Ingersoll

The Curse of Canaan

The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

Thomas Inman - Ancient Pagan & Modern Christian Symbolism Exposed & Explained




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