God's Black Prophets: Deconstructing the Myth of the White Muhammad of Arabia and Jesus of Jerusalem by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad are arguably the two most important figures of recent history. They are also the two most revered religio-historical figures in the Black community of America and much of Africa. Both are popularly and officially portrayed as white-skinned men. However, Dr. Wesley Muhammad demonstrates in this work that the historical, textual and scientific evidences converge indicating that both were actually black-skinned men whose ancestors were African Semites who crossed into the Levant and Arabia several millennia ago. For the first time, a broad range of the relevant Classical Arabic/Islamic source material is brought together, demonstrating that the popular and official image of the prophet Muhammad is a secondary fabrication. Dr. Muhammad documents the bleaching of the image of both men by a later generation of Christians and Muslims who were offended by the dark appearance of their community s respective founder. This work also addresses the intra-Muslim controversy over the seeming self-contradictory position of Elijah Muhammad on the question of Prophet Muhammad s ethnicity. It is documented that Elijah Muhammad declared both that Muhammad was a black prophet and that he was a white man. Dr. Muhammad thus raises the question, Did Elijah Muhammad contradict himself? Dr. Muhammad argues that he did not and that Elijah Muhammad s two statements can be perfectly harmonized when understood in the context of the Classical Arabic/Islamic scholarly tradition.