Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns (E-Book)


Is your gun a SURVIVAL GUN?

Getting through an emergency--whether fire or flood, economic collapse or mass civil rioting and every disaster small and large in between--can depend largely on the firearms you have on hand. Now, the Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns has the lowdown on what to have with you when it's all going down.

Inside you'll find pertinent information on:

  • Firearms and ammo selection--thinking beyond what's on hand.
  • Layered defense strategies.
  • Methods of carry and deployment.
  • Crucial accessories--and those to leave behind.
  • Defense while "bugging out" and traveling.
  • And more!

Law enforcement veteran Scott Wagner absolutely delivers with this volume. With the wisdom the comes from decades of serving with a badge and an insightful and logical look at what the future can hold for all of us, Wagner answers every "What if?" you have and many more you didn't.